Milton Glaser & Matthew 16:25featured

I knew I wanted to become a graphic designer at the age of 18. 

Milton Glaser’s famous Bob Dylan poster.

Somehow, in 2008, I found, rented and brought home a documentary on graphic designer Milton Glaser. I remember watching the hour-long thing with my mom on our back porch. For those of you who don’t know, and surely most of you don’t, Milton Glaser’s perhaps best-known work is the “I [heart] NY” logo. In the documentary, he laughs at the fact that he never made a buck from this one. Left to be desired by a plastic New York keychain, Milton Glaser is eccentric. And one of the most well-decorated graphic designers of the 21st century. And in this film, in his quirky, inspiring way, he conveyed the importance of delivering messages through art.

I was floored and inspired–my inward passions affirmed. I set out, continued editing my MySpace page with code, gifs, and basic knowledge of Hex colors. (LOL) Later that year, I went to James Madison University in central Virginia and studied Technical and Scientific Communication–basically the study of how to effectively arrange type & design for the everyday man. I loved it.

On a grandiose scale, you know how they say “what you sow cannot come to life unless it dies”? In 2009, I made a decision to leave my university, brand new friends, and beloved line of study in an attempt to “pilgrimage” (v.) at a new university by the sea. My major wasn’t offered, so I ended up involved in Sociology (the stuff that matters) & Studio Art (the aesthetics). I made it work. Upon graduation, and with literally zero professional experience, I was asked to steadily freelance for a New York Publishing House. And, to work with a national non-profit. Doing what? Graphic design. The freedom of an freelancer, the work of an artist by breed. 

Do what you love. Offer your loves as a sacrifice. Be willing to follow His lead.

“He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it.” —Matthew 10:39



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