We need to practice acting.

“Because we are creatures of habit, we need to practice acting in spite of fear, in spite of doubt, in spite of worry, in spite of uncertainty, in spite of inconvenience, in spite of discomfort, and even to practice acting when we’re not in the mood to act.”

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Ecker

A Note on Children

“Too often children are seen as liabilities rather than assets. But the Bible calls children “a heritage from the Lord,” a reward. We can learn valuable lessons from their inquisitive minds and trusting spirits. Those who view children as a distraction or nuisance should instead see them as an opportunity to shape the future. We dare not treat children as an inconvenience when God values them so highly.”

NIV Life Application Study Bible p. 965

The Two Lists: Only God Is & God Is (and We Can Be)

“Theologians make two lists when they describe who God is. One list contains traits that are true only of God. The other contains trials that are true of God but that can also become true of us. Here is an example of such a list.

Only God Is:

  • Infinite
  • Incomprehensible
  • Self-Existent
  • Self-Sufficient
  • Eternal
  • Immutable
  • Omnipresent
  • Omniscient
  • Omnipotent
  • Sovereign

God Is (and We Can Be):

  • Holy
  • Loving
  • Just
  • Good
  • Merciful
  • Gracious
  • Longsuffering
  • Wise
  • Jealous (for his glory)
  • Faithful
  • Righteous
  • Truthful

Every trait on both lists is limitlessly true of God. Once the Holy Spirit dwells in us, the second list can become true of us. It is a list we grow into as we walk in obedience to the commands of GOd. When we talk about being “confirmed to the image of Christ,” this is the list we are describing. It shows us how to reflect who God is as Christ did.

The problem I want to examine in the pages of this book has to do with how we humans treat the list on the top. Though this list can be true of only go God, we want it to be true of us. It reveals how we try to rival God. We want this list to be true of us more than we want the list on the right to be.”

Read more in None Like Him: 10 Ways God is Different From Us (and Why That’s a Good Thing by Jen Wilkin.

Hot & Cold

Hot & Cold  by Death to the Stock

“The nature of creative work (and life really) is that it fluctuates. It is up, down, and all around. This metaphor extends to California’s especially varied climate. From sweltering days in Joshua Tree to moderate afternoons in San Francisco to frosty mornings in the Sierra Nevada mountains — it is both hot & cold (and in-between).

The key then, it seems, is to find a way to navigate different climates, contexts, and challenges. You can’t control the weather, but you can control the way you prepare and the way you react. You are the common factor in all these environments. It’s up to you to find a path through. In a world of perpetual transformation, you create your own consistency.”